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Known as the last frontier, Alaska boasts an environment as rugged as it is beautiful.
Even before Alaska obtained its statehood in 1959, Bob Atwood and Evangeline 
Rasmuson Atwood were making their mark on the territory.  In 1935, Atwood 
became the owner, editor, and publisher of the Anchorage Times, which grew to 
become the state’s largest daily newspaper.  The Atwoods were also instrumental 
proponents for Alaskan statehood and played a significant role in the civic life of its 
people.  When the Atwood family log cabin was swept away in the Good Friday 
earthquake of 1964, Atwood looked to safer ground to build their new home.  He 
chose the site of the current Atwood mansion, known to the family as the Marilaine.  
Built in 1968, the Atwood mansion is one of the most well known homes in the state
of Alaska.  This sprawling 8,600 sq.ft. home is situated on nearly three acres in the northwest corner of Anchorage.  In 2003, the home was converted into the offices of the Atwood Foundation and was rented to non-profit organizations for fundraising activities.
In 2013, the home was sold to John and Candace Hendrix as a private residence.  Shortly after the couple purchased the home, they began restoration.  “The existing roof was pretty much gone,” explained Candace Hendrix.  The homeowners looked into a variety of options for an attractive roof covering that could also stand up to the harsh winters, including slate and a variety of designer shingles.  Their contractor, Brent Eaton from EP Roofing, Anchorage, Alaska, presented the Windsor® designer shingle from Malarkey Roofing Products® as a solution.  “Other designer shingles have a tendency to crack over time.  The Windsor shingles are SBS modified which makes them more flexible and also better for cold weather installations,” stated Eaton.
Malarkey introduced the SBS polymer modified asphalt to shingles in 1986.  Alaskan customers found that the new product allowed them to install in lower temperatures without damage to the shingle.  The first shingle to include the new SBS polymer modified asphalt was The Alaskan® 3-tab shingle.  The modified asphalt, known as Flexor(TM), has been shown to increase durability of shingles and allow them to remain flexible in temperatures down to 0° F (-18° C).  Since the introduction of Flexor, the durable asphalt has expanded to other Malarkey shingle lines including laminate shingles and now the Windsor designer shingle line.  The durability of these shingles has been shown as an asset in extreme weather climates across the country.
Anchorage is classified as a subarctic climate with short summers and an average winter snowfall of 75".  These unique weather conditions typically result in short roofing seasons.  The ability to install in colder temperatures helps extend the roofing season without sacrificing quality.  “We have snow on the roof five to seven months of the year.  Ease of installation is important,” Eaton explains.  EP Roofing installed the 37.5-square Atwood mansion project with storm grey Windsor shingles in September 2014, when temperatures consisted of lows in the 30s and highs in the 50s.  Nick Barnes, the EP Roofing superintendent for the Atwood project, was impressed with the ease of installation for the Windsor shingle.  Barnes said, “They install like normal shingles.  The consistent 5 3/4” tab length means you can gauge alignment with the shingle gun.  You don’t have to worry about tab overhang like you do with other designer shingles.”  The straight edge of the Windsor tab allowed the installers to quickly align shingles with the previous row.  This streamlined process was key to the smooth installation of the designer roof.
When the project was complete, John and Candace Hendrix were pleased with the new designer look of their roof.  “Part of the remodeling of the house includes updating the black trim and shutters to white and the storm grey color goes very nicely with the white home,” explained Candace.  “I like the multi-colors of the storm grey shingle.  It gives the roof lots of dimension.”
The Windsor shingles chosen for the project also include the Scotchgard(TM) Algae Resistant Shingle Protector from 3M.  This feature resists the presence of black streaks caused by algae and helps the roof maintain its aesthetic appearance to keep the newly remodeled home looking new long into the future.  Malarkey Roofing Products is proud to offer the Windsor shingle as a contractor-friendly solution to the designer shingle market and continues development of shingle features to enhance design while maintaining high standards of quality.Cover_Story_files/WR%20Calendar%209.12.doc
Roofing for the Last Frontier
Restoring a Historic Alaskan Home
by Traci Shaw, communications coordinator, Malarkey Roofing Products