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Beaverton, Oregon, continues to rank high amongst lists of the best places to live, 
thanks to its thriving culinary scene, easy commutes, and close proximity to 
breathtaking recreation options.  The diverse population of Beaverton, which 
continues to grow year over year, has increased demand for chic, modern housing 
options.  LaSalle, a luxury apartment complex within Beaverton, is conveniently 
located near the city’s light rail system, shopping centers, great restaurants, and an 
assortment of outdoor activities.  In order to keep up with Beaverton’s growing 
popularity, LaSalle’s management decided the complex needed to be renovated, 
both inside and out.  In addition to interior improvements, the outside of the complex received new paint and trim to add aesthetic value and intrigue.  Perhaps the largest upgrade to LaSalle, however, was its roof.  The existing roof was 20 years old and had been regularly experiencing leaks.
LaSalle brought in Aylwin Construction, Hillsboro, Oregon, to expertly complete the job, having worked with them on previous housing communities.  Aylwin Construction, a family-owned business that focuses on roofing, gutter, and exterior construction, installs between 8,000 and 10,000 squares of pitched roofing per year.  In order to complete this residential reroof, Aylwin Construction knew they would need a product that would not only add value to the new roof, but also ensure the safety of the workers and the residents.  
They found what they needed with Safeguard 30® Hybrid Underlayment, a lightweight product that combines the proven technology behind asphalt-based products with a new high-performance nonwoven polyester reinforcement.  The unmatched durability of Safeguard 30 allows it to hold fasteners better and provide superior tear strength and puncture resistance when compared to other products on the market.  In fact, for the past six years, Aylwin Construction has exclusively used Safeguard 30 on their projects, knowing that it consistently provides the reliability needed for all types of roofing installations.  
“Aylwin Construction always uses Safeguard 30 on all of its projects, specifically for the safety of building, the crews, and the residents,” said Rufus Aylwin, owner, Aylwin Construction.  “When you have a three-story apartment building such as this, you can’t afford any leaks.”  Additionally, LaSalle’s management explicitly asked for Safeguard 30 on their Beaverton complex, having been so impressed with its performance on previous projects.  
The reroof of LaSalle began in February 2017 and was riddled with weather issues from the very beginning.  The Pacific Northwest was experiencing the coldest and snowiest winter in over 25 years.  Springtime offered no relief, with wetter and cooler conditions than normal, while summer temperatures reached some of the highest on record.  Asphalt-based roofing underlayments can typically face issues with delaminating in hot temperatures, but Safeguard 30 Hybrid Underlayment surpassed expectations once again.  
These tumultuous weather patterns didn’t stop Aylwin and his workers either, and they were able to stick to their schedule.  “The weather during those months was simply diabolical,” expressed Aylwin.  “But, with Safeguard 30 Hybrid Underlayment, we were on the roof every day, no matter what.”  Contractors finished the project with CertainTeed® Landmark™ Shingles in their heather blend color, which only added to the beauty and durability of the new roof.  
Construction ended in August 2017, and residents can rest assured that with the help of Safeguard 30’s reliable and durable hybrid underlayment, the Pacific Northwest can throw many more seasons of harsh weather without having to worry about leaks.Cover_Story_files/WR%20Calendar%209.12.doc
Reliable Protection
Hybrid Underlayment Keeps Workers & Building Safe in Beaverton, Oregon
by Marcus Dodson, publisher