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The Seattle University campus spans approximately 50 acres in the Capitol Hill 
neighborhood of Seattle, Washington.  Founded in 1891, the Jesuit school ranks #6 
of 121 regional universities in the West enrolling over 7,000 undergraduate and 
graduate students annually.  In keeping with the University’s commitment to quality, 
school facility manager, Cal Ihler, is determined to maintain the performance of 
campus buildings.  That determination led the University to partner with Mono 
Rooftop Solutions, SeaTac, Washington, to ensure its multiple buildings withstand 
the many weather-related challenges Seattle faces yearly.  Known for its wet weather,
Seattle residents are always prepared for heavy precipitation.  That same preparation 
must be applied when addressing roofing concerns.  Co-owners of Mono Rooftop Solutions, Greg Kirby and Nathan Tesch, work closely with the University staff in making sure the buildings that house classes for its student body are not affected by the elements.  One of its most recent reroofing projects involved two buildings home to the Engineering, Science, and Biology departments.  Built in 1960, they have always served as academic facilities and involve challenging features such as an observatory, science lab exhausts and air exchanges, many HVAC units, and satellite dishes.
“We have been working with Seattle University for a long time,” commented Tesch.  “That relationship is built on trust, understanding the needs of the buildings, and our intimate knowledge of the Seattle environment.”  With a short summer installation window to reroof, time was a critical factor.  The 25,000 sq.ft. project was completed in two phases.  Phase 1 was completed in the summer months of 2013 and Phase 2 was completed in four months in 2014.  The jobs required a complete tear-off as the existing roofs had endured the harsh windy and wet elements for long enough.  Once the tear off was complete, the system installed on the corrugated metal and lightweight concrete deck featured fully-adhered tapered R-30 insulation, two plies of Polyglass® self-adhered SBS Elastoflex® SA V, and one ply of Polyglass APP Polyflex® G in gray slate.  “We specified this system because of several reasons.  One of which is the multi-layer system we are providing,” said Tesch.  “The benefit of offering a multi-layer system includes providing redundancy and protection to the building, a must for the elements.  The granular surface also provides added slip resistance that is not part of a single ply system.”
The bottom plies in the roof system, Elastoflex SA V, are self-adhered elastomeric base ply roofing membranes manufactured using patented ADESO® technology.  The dual-compound, self-adhesive technology features a true polymer modified asphalt compound applied on the top layer and an aggressive self-adhesive compound applied on the bottom layer.  Featuring a reinforced fiberglass mat, Elastoflex SA V membranes are finished with a polyolefin film with lay lines on the top surface and a split release film on the bottom surface.
“The easy application of the self-adhered roof plies allowed us to quickly and efficiently install the roof without disturbing the building occupants,” commented Tesch.  “Classes were in session throughout the installation and it was critical not to affect the students and University staff.”
Polyflex G was chosen as the cap sheet; a premium, polyester reinforced APP modified bitumen roofing membrane specially designed for heat-welded applications.  Available in ten colors, Mono Rooftop Solutions chose the gray slate color to assist in providing energy efficiency in the summer and winter months.  While performance of the system was paramount, price and warranty were strong considerations when specifying the project.  “We chose this Polyglass system because of the durability of the system, the material costs, the reduced labor cost, and the long-term warranty,” said Tesch.  “We considered our options and knew that this system was the best long-term solution for Seattle University and its students.”  With school back in session, the team at Mono Rooftop Solutions and the Seattle University staff can be assured they are well-prepared for yet another year of wet and windy weather.Cover_Story_files/WR%20Calendar%209.12.doc
Seattle University Reroof
Multi-layer System Provides Redundancy &
 Protection in Seattle, Washington
by Melissa Mulligan, marketing manager, Polyglass U.S.A., Inc.