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More than 125 years ago, Garland, Texas was formed when two neighboring 
communities joined to become one.  Since then, the city has grown into a 
manufacturing mecca for a wide spectrum of industries, with close to 400 
companies represented.  Garland is part of the Greater Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex and is easily accessible by rail and car, a key driving force in its growth.
That growth can be seen when driving through the city with its many impressive industrial parks.  An internationally recognized manufacturer of grouts and adhesives recently looked to expand its presence in Garland with the construction of an additional 60,000 sq.ft. space to its existing 180,000 sq.ft. facility.  A major capital investment, the entire project took over a year to finish, with the roof taking about 45 days to complete.  The new space is designated for warehousing finished goods and the interior temperature must be consistent.
The project engineering manager worked closely with the roofing contractor, Centimark® Corporation, in determining what kind of system would meet the needs of the project.  Energy conservation was a critical consideration when choosing materials for the new construction project.  The roof system chosen consists of mechanically-attached 4” polyisocyanurate insulation and two-plies of modified bitumen membranes.  The modified bitumen membranes selected are Elastoflex® SA V base sheet from Polyglass®, a self-adhered SBS base, covered with Polyfresko® G SA, a highly-reflective white granulated self-adhered APP cap sheet.  The roof system also features over 50 skylights.  
“The Polyfresko self-adhered cap sheet is one of the most highly reflective roof solutions that I have seen in the roofing industry”, stated Mike Gainor, Centimark Corporation sales representative for the Dallas, Texas market.  “Due to the high temperatures in North Texas, which can reach over 100º in the summer, we needed to install a system that would help minimize the energy required to support the size of the building.”  Polyfresko G SA cap sheet provides the reflectivity required to consistently reduce the interior temperature.  Listed with the Cool Roof Rating Council® (CRRC) with an initial SRI of 96, Polyfresko G SA features patent-pending CURE Technology®, a thin film technology that ensures the surface will maintain its bright white surface.
The Polyglass self-adhered system appealed to the facility’s project engineering manager because of the quick installation time and the ability to address the details around the many roof penetrations.  Another contributing factor to the decision is that the roof is a multi-ply roof system, a durable and long-term solution.  Proven to perform in severe weather, Polyfresko is an ideal solution for North Texas, where strong supercell storms can produce large hailstones that damage roofs.  “The Polyglass self-adhered base and cap sheets were extremely easy to install and have excellent adhesion properties,” said Gainor.  “As a result, the project was under budget and we met the project timeline.”
The performance of the roof system can be felt inside the building.  The Polyfresko roof kept the building cool through the most recent summer when temperatures exceeded 100º.  “The facility manager is really pleased with the performance of the roof system,” stated Gainor.  “The roof system has been able to contribute to the overall energy management of the building.”Cover_Story_files/WR%20Calendar%209.12.doc
Managing Energy with White Multi-Ply Roof System
Large Warehouse Facility Benefits 
from New Roof in Garland, Texas
by Melissa Mulligan, senior manager of marketing, Polyglass U.S.A., Inc.