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The Seattle, Washington area is known for its rainy climate, with an average of 88 sunny days in a year.  This means a roofing contractor must be prepared for rain, any day, every day, either while working on or after leaving the job site.  Valentine Roofing, Inc. is a premier residential home roofing contractor using high-end products to protect the client's home and to provide the best reroof available.  They work year round replacing 10-15 roofs each week.  Keeping the home protected from leaks is a priority, as every house that receives a new roof from Valentine Roofing has an owner living under the roof.  Valentine has chosen to use Safeguard 30 for the underlayment on its reroofs.  According to Connor Valentine, president of Valentine Roofing, "We go with Safeguard 30 because it protects the homes from leaks during the year-round installs in the Seattle weather."  In addition, Safeguard 30 improves the safety and health of the roofing contractors.  Five squares of Safeguard 30 are lighter than two squares of a traditional felt, making movement on the roof easier and safer.  The decision to use Safeguard 30, exclusively, was made by the Valentine install team.
Safeguard 30 underlayment is very strong and safe to walk on even when it's wet.  It grips better, with fewer slips and falls than with traditional felts.  There is no tearing even with the traffic by roofing contractors as they work.  The Safeguard 30 underlayment is attached to the roof with 1" plastic cap nails, compared to the traditional roofing felt, which is attached with staples.
In January, the Valentine team provided reroofs on four houses in a neighborhood in Bellevue, Washington, a community east of Seattle.  Wood shake shingles were removed, new Safeguard 30 underlayment installed, followed by Presidential Shake® TL shingles by CertainTeed®.  The Presidential Shake consists of three layers of material for a thick, tough, and heavy shingle.  The sculpted tabs provide the look of old-world wood shake with better performance at a fraction of the cost.  On this project, the homeowner chose the color aged bark, for a natural look in the hills of Bellevue.  Valentine installed 4,500 sq.ft. of the Presidential Shake shingles.  Each roof took approximately five days, with inclement weather.
The most challenging part of replacing a roof in the Seattle area is the weather.  At the end of every day there is the chance for rain.  The project must be left in a drying-in state to protect the home and its contents.  However, weather isn't just rain; wind can also be a real threat. The wind will blow and can grab the traditional felt and pull it right out of the staples. Safeguard 30 is lightweight and strong; 1" plastic cap nails prevent the wind from blowing it off the roof.
Valentine Roofing has been providing residential roofing services in the Seattle area since 2008.  Valentine said, "We work year round.  And since we’re a Seattle-based roofing company, we’re used to installing new roofs in the rain.  We’ll always keep your attic dry; on the other hand, it’s perfectly okay if roofing materials get wet during the installation, that’s what they were made for."  Safeguard 30 is the only underlayment they use because it protects the home, rain or shine, and keeps the install team safe.  No matter what the choice of roofing product, Valentine is confident that Safeguard 30 will provide the quality that he expects, and requires, to protect each home receiving a new roof.Cover_Story_files/WR%20Calendar%209.12.doc
Synthetic Underlayment Keeps the 
Weather out in Belleview, Washington
by Marcus Dodson, publisher