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The Seattle, Washington, area has a lot to offer.  It's the dynamic cultural epicenter 
of the Pacific Northwest that is surrounded by natural beauty and adventure.  It's the 
birthplace of Jimi Hendrix, Starbucks®, and Amazon, and continues to flourish with 
its thriving theater, art, and music scenes.  This sightseer's paradise does not come 
without some limitations, though.  The area is privy to frequent storms, wind, hail, 
and a seemingly never-ending light drizzle.  Weather for the area is consistently 
cloudy or partly cloudy, sometimes six out of the seven days of the week.
All of these weather limitations can sound like a nightmare for roofing contractors, but it's simply another day in the life of S&S Roofing, LLC, Arlington, Washington.  They're a fourth generation, family owned and operated business that serves the North King, Snohomish, Skagit, and Island Counties.  Arlington itself is a self-proclaimed tightknit community, with traditional-style homes lining the streets of the quaint, friendly town.  S&S Roofing works year round within Arlington and the surrounding area, and their team roofs between 12 to 16 projects per week.
Recently, S&S Roofing completed a tear off of a local residential home in Arlington whose original roof had reached the end of its life.  The home was originally built in 1985, so the shingles had aged, were coming loose, and were falling off.  In this area, roof shingles and tiles are constantly at war with the wind coming off the bluff.  As usual, the reroof project itself was at the mercy of the weather, but S&S Roofing was prepared.  "There are many factors that can delay a roof, but we try to stay ahead of them and do our best to overcome the obstacles set in front of us.  Communication is very import to us, too.  Good communication assures the homeowner, who is entrusting us with a huge part of their lives, that their roof is going to be safe," said Shane Dunlap, owner, S&S Roofing.  Thanks to their preparedness, communication, and top-notch materials, S&S Roofing was able to complete this reroof in one week.
For an install like this, protecting the home from leaks was a priority, so S&S Roofing chose Safeguard 30 as an underlayment.  “We chose to use Safeguard 30, for it provides a number of benefits that competing products simply cannot.  Safeguard 30 hybrid underlayment is designed with the durability to hold fasteners better and provide strong adhesion to the roof deck.  You get all the proven protection of an asphalt-based roofing material, matched with synthetic elements to add safety and durability.  Selecting Safeguard 30 roofing products for reroofing and new construction projects helps avoid leaks, costly damage, and call backs.”
In addition to being a reliable and high-quality product, Safeguard 30 underlayment helps to make a jobsite safer.  Five squares of Safeguard 30 are lighter than two squares of a traditional felt, making movement on the roof easier and safer.  Furthermore, Safeguard 30 is very strong and safe to walk on when it's wet, a considerable factor in Washington's weather.  While rain is the main impediment for jobsites in this area, wind can be a real hassle, too.  Wind will blow and grab at traditional felt underlayments, but Safeguard 30's lightweight profile allows nails to hang on tightly and prevent the wind from blowing it off the roof.
S&S Roofing's project also featured shingles from PABCO®, specifically the Paramount Advantage® line.  These heavyweight, signature cut shingles provide a natural appearance, while the bold design enhances even the most expansive rooftop.  S&S Roofing used PABCO's product on this home in it's oakwood color with a Scotchgard™ protector, which is guaranteed to resist the black streaks caused by algae for 20 years.  "The Paramount Advantage's look, color, and incredible durability to withstand the elements, particularly Washington's algae, made it a great choice for this project," said Reece Kolbrick, territory sales manager, PABCO. 
Roofing materials are made to get wet, but they're also expected to protect the interior of the house and the overall integrity of the finished product.  Safeguard 30 provides roofing companies like S&S Roofing the assurance that their jobsite is safe and their projects are protected, rain or shine.  For this project in Arlington, the homeowners can sit back and enjoy their new roof, knowing that it was built with care using materials that will protect them for many years to come.
Proven Protection
Hybrid Underlayment Keeps Home Dry in Arlington, Washington
by Marcus Dodson, publisher